Updated: 30th April, 2020

Sidekick is an add-on app for Assetto Corsa that provides an on-screen HUD showing information about your car, laptimes, and track conditions.

Originally developed by Topuz and released on Race Department, he has kindly given permission for me to release some additional enhancements to the wider Assetto Corsa community.

Sidekick already had many many features and configuration options when Topuz stopped updating it, one day I might even document them here. But for now i’m just going cover the features I’ve added since Topuz’s last version, refer to the readme that came with v1.11.1 (viewable here) for the rest of the features.

The Second Row Display

The most obvious addtional feature is a second line of information including:

  • The current track conditions, including ambient temperature, track temperature, and wind speed and direction.
  • A tripmeter and odometer, showing how far the current car has been driven this session and all time. Sidekick had always tracked this information, but it was hidden away in the car status screen.
  • The current date and time within the simulation, as well as an estimate of the current time acceleration multiplier. This is only an approximation, but it should be roughly accurate. These are only functional if you are also using SOL, but this can be toggled to show local time
Overview of the additional information shown on the 2nd line

Bigger Brighter Shift Lights

The default shift lights are easy to miss in your peripheral vision, so there are two settings to make them more obvious: Big Shift Light changes the background of the displays to the appropriate colour; and Shift Light Glow overlays a colour blur to simulate the glare from a bright light

With just Show Second Line set, with old style RPM\Shift lights visible
With Show Second Line and Show Big Shift Light set

With Big Shift Light and Shift Light Glow set

Tyre Wear and Temperature Bars

Sidekick tyre wear and temperature ar
Indicators for tyre wear and and carcass temperature can be displayed at the same time as any of the main tyre info readouts. Can be enabled\disabled in the settings screen.

Delta Progress Bars

Sidekick delta progress bar
Delta progress bar shows whether you are currently gain or losing time compared to the basline lap. Green extending to the right if you’re gaining; red extending to the left if you’re losing. Can be enabled\disabled in the settings screen.




All of the new features are optional, and can be turned off in the Sidekick settings window, or under Settings|Apps|Sidekick in Content Manager.


Installation Instructions

Just unzip the archive below into your Assetto Corsa installation directory.

If you have a previous version of Sidekick installed, answer Yes when prompted to overwrite existing files. Settings, odometer readings, laptimes, and generated car information from previous versions will not be overwritten, but I strongly recommend backing up the \Assetto Corsa\apps\python\sidekick directory first just in case you have any issues.


Download Latest Version

Download Sidekick v1.14.1 


Previous versions can be downloaded from the respective release post, linked from the change log below.


Change log


v1.14.1-tl 20200430 technoluddite

  • Fixed Bug where editing settings in Content Manager corrupted the settings file

v1.14.0-tl 20200419 technoluddite

  • Added optional delta bars for rate of change when compared to previous best lap
  • Fixed couple of bugs with settings checkboxes getting the wrong initial state on first load
  • Fixed some text colour flickering near rev limiter
  • Fixed shift light getting stuck on if not using shiftlight glow

v1.13.1-tl 20200415 technoluddite (unreleased)

  • Tweaked colours of main displays to help read ability while shift light is on
  • Fixed DRS Available\Enabled light to align with two line display
  • Fixed font size for relative tyre pressure display when wearbars are shown

v1.13.0-tl 20200413 technoluddite (unreleased)

  • Added tyre wear bars
  • Added tyre I\M\O temp indicators

v1.12.1-tl 20200408 technoluddite

  • Fixed crash bug when using plain background option
  • Added option to show local time, instead of game time

v1.12.0-tl 20200405 technoluddite

  • First Technoluddite release
  • Added bigger shift\rpm light
  • Added second info line with weather data, trip\odometers, game time\date\multiplier

v1.11.1 20170922 Topuz

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