Updated: 30th April, 2020

Sidekick v1.14 Released

Updated with tyre wear and temperature bars; a delta progress bar; more readable displays when shift lights are on; and a few bug fixes.

Tyre Wear and Temperature Bars
Sidekick tyre wear and temperature ar
Indicators for tyre wear and and carcass temperature can be displayed at the same time as any of the main tyre info readouts. Can be enabled\disabled in the settings screen.
Delta Progress Bars
Sidekick delta progress bar
Delta progress bar shows whether you are currently gain or losing time compared to the basline lap. Green extending to the right if you’re gaining; red extending to the left if you’re losing. Can be enabled\disabled in the settings screen.
Improved Readability

Sidekick yellow shift light with glow

Sidekick red shift light with glow
Colours adjusted to make main displays easier to read when the shift lights are on, and glow is enabled
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed couple of bugs with settings checkboxes getting the wrong initial state on first load
  • Fixed some text colour flickering near rev limiter
  • Fixed shift light getting stuck on if not using shiftlight glow
  • Fixed DRS Available\Enabled light to align with two line display
  • Fixed Bug where editing settings in Content Manager corrupted the settings file
Installation Instructions

Just unzip the archive below into your Assetto Corsa installation directory.

If you have a previous version of Sidekick installed, answer Yes when prompted to overwrite existing files. Settings, odometer readings, laptimes, and generated car information from previous versions will not be overwritten, but I strongly recommend backing up the \Assetto Corsa\apps\python\sidekick directory first just in case you have any issues.


Download Sidekick v1.14.1 


Full documentation, change log, and previous versions can be found on the main SideKick Extended page, here.

15 thoughts on “Sidekick v1.14

  1. Love it!

    Would it be possible to add session information please ? (laps, or time remaining).

    These way, I could hide the one on top and have the perfect HUD!

  2. Just found this app. Lots of great information in such a small package. One thing I wished I could configure would be the air and track temp from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

  3. Thank you for your work in making an awesome and indispensable app even better!

    I just have one small request, I don’t know if it’s feasible or easy to do, just thought I’d ask.

    In the “delta” section, there are four options to choose from, “front”, “back”, “best” and “personal best”. By default it is set to “front” but I always like to set it to “personal best” for when I’m hotlapping. Would it be possible to make the default setting choosable by the user, it would save me a few mouse clicks in having to change it every time :).

    Thanks again for all your efforts.

    • Avatar photo

      The last used settings should be getting saved automatically when you exit the game. But it seems that sometimes the AssettoCorsa process doesn’t always exit cleanly which causes the save to fail\corrupt, and so everything resets on the next load. At least I think that’s what is happening, its one of those things that is a pain to debug, and so I’ve decided I’m just going to live with it for now.

  4. Nice improvements on Sidekick!
    Just an idea how to improve it further….would be cool to see in the second row if the lights on the car are switched on or not as on some cars there is in-car no indicator for this.
    Kind regards

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