How to Clean Your Windscreen

There are three options to tweak the dirt to your liking, depending on what you want to achieve:

  • To just get rid of the dirt completely, use CSP’s WindscreenFX feature
  • If you just want reduce the amount of glare created by the dirt you can use a CSP car config file to tweak the shader properities
  • If the dirt texture is too low-res, or has a dashboard reflection that looks bad in VR, you can replace it using a CSP car config file

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Why is my windscreen broken?

Some mod cars have windscreens that seem to behave strangely: sun glare is present at unexpected times, mysterious shadows are cast across the screen seemingly by nothing. To make matters worse the Custom Shaders Patch‘s (CSP) WindscreenFX features (‘Remove all dirt’ and blur shadows with speed) have no effect on these cars.

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