Sidekick v1.14

Updated with tyre wear and temperature bars; a delta progress bar; more readable displays when shift lights are on; and a few bug fixes.

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How to change the driver model using CSP

How to get a new hat Sometimes the default driver model for some cars in Assetto Corsa can look a bit out of place, particularly with road or old race cars. Custom Shaders Patch gives us a means to replace the default driver with something more appropriate, either a different Kunos driver (with 60s, 70s […]


Reducing or Changing Windscreen Dirt

How to Clean Your Windscreen There are three options to tweak the dirt to your liking, depending on what you want to achieve: To just get rid of the dirt completely, use CSP’s WindscreenFX feature If you just want reduce the amount of glare created by the dirt you can use a CSP car config […]


Windscreens with weird glare and CSP WindscreenFX not working

Why is my windscreen broken? Some mod cars have windscreens that seem to behave strangely: sun glare is present at unexpected times, mysterious shadows are cast across the screen seemingly by nothing. To make matters worse the Custom Shaders Patch‘s (CSP) WindscreenFX features (‘Remove all dirt’ and blur shadows with speed) have no effect on […]


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